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Oh, hello there. I guess you want to know who I am. I mainly create ambient music and voice act here on NG. Occasionally youll see me produce some silly animation or game. If you want to chat or something, send me a spanky danky PM. *Sig by Magical-Zorse*

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FatKidWitAJetPak's News

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - July 29th, 2010

I need some major feedback on a game that Im almost done with *just a few more touchups that will take me like an hour, along with whatever extra things I decide to add onto and take off of depending on what you beta testers say*

Its called The Par Box 2, a remake of an earlier game I put into the Newgrounds gadget collection. Its an experimental art game, which means its trippy. jazzy, and just plain weird at points. Its kind of like the ultimate stoner game. Anyway, click here if you want to beta test it. For security reasons, you will need to make an account in that website, but it doesnt even take a minute lol. Mark yourself as a "developer" and give yourself a username and pass. Then play the game. :D

If you would like to give me feedback, please either send me a PM here, use the "give feedback" button on the site, or leave a comment below. Whichever is easiest for you. Wear headphones! That will provide the best experience.

In other news

I am working on a game with Lochie and SaltyPeach. Its about a psyopathic walrus that eats children. For those old friends of mine, you might remember me mention it years ago. Im just now getting around to making it. Jeff the dinosaur is coming along woop woop! McFargles is halted, but will come after Jeff. Im working on some voice acting for a musical collab thing. Thats about it.

/* */

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - July 14th, 2010

Hey boys and girls, gather around the campfire because ITS TIME FOR AN UPDATE. (as if anyone cares)

McFargles: Game 5%

McFargles i created s comming along slowly, but surely. My animator Aniforce and Ebolaworld are busy helping me with my animation right now, so I wont be working on McFargles until later. I have several character design sketches and nearly all of the script is written. I should have it done within 10 months lol, and its going to be pretty big. Dont worry though, im going to finish it. Its a huge goal for me.

The Par Box 2: Game 90%

The Par Box 2 is nearly finished. I have 35 levels, 15 minutes of music, and one trippy experience getting ready to hit the portal. Its meant to play when your high, so grab something toxic and play this shit. I have to add names, instructions, and arrows as a second navigation for those who dont want to use their keyboard. Click here to play a demo! *Tap the left arrow key to go to the next level, but dont hold it down or it will skip through.. i need to fix that glitch*

Jeff The Dino: Movie 15%

This movie is underway and will be compelted within the next few months. I am designing, putting together audio, and directing Aniforce as he uses his amazing animation talents to bring this animation to life. Ebolaworld is also helping with various things. Once this is done, I will move onto McFargles.

Voice Acting?

I havent been doing voices for much stuff recently, and the stuff that I have done it for isnt on Newgrounds. If you need me to voice act, however, I will be glad to help you with whatever :)


Well, those are the updates. I hope that everyone enjoys Jeff, its going to be so fun to make. I would like to thank aniforce for helping me so much with my animations. Ive been doing other stuff as well. Im going to record some audio skits for you guys since you seem to enjoy them. I recently did a collab with the hiphop god, Haywirehaywire. He makes some kickass tunes, and as a white nerd as myself i had to rap over one of them for robot day. Im more proud of my writing than I am of my singing... man i suck at that ololoool. Enjoy?? xD



Here is a picture of Jeff! Its coming along nicely :)

Games and Animation Updates That Involve a Depressed Dinosaur

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - June 28th, 2010

I have been really busy lately with my new business and stuff, fixing computers, designing business cards, social networking, and preparing for college. I still really want to be involved in the Newgrounds community though, so I am still working on NG stuff as well.

I have had this script sitting in my computer for.... oh i dont know 2 years or some shit. At first it was this crappy series of text on crumpled up pieces of paper, but slowly it turned into a fully written color coded word document... as if that makes the script itself any better. I edited it throughout the months of my Senior year in high school, and soon it turned into a pretty good script.

Its a satirical dark comedy about a depressed dinosaur named Jeff. He is an anxious dino with a nervous atitude and a low self-esteem. He is fairly large, so he is constantly cramped into the tight spaces that are normally living quarters fit for a human such as an electric car, shower, office cubicle, and lunch table.. He is the only animal in the entire movie, an no one really seems to pay attention to the fact that he is a dinosaur. In fact, he cant even speak english... yet somehow people understand him. Dont ask me how, I guess they just adapted to his roaring or something. All he does is ROAR to everything, with subtitles of course. He works for a company that is certainly diving him insane. His co worker constantly steals his shit, his boss treats him like shit, and he thinks his life is worth shit. This environment slowly drives him insane leading him to.. well youll have to see for yourself.

I do not know what others will think of it once it is created, since animating a situational dark comedy is a bit more difficult than the normal cock joke stuff and is harder to actually portray the humor. I have had over 30 people, pros and forum regulars, to read the script. They all seem to like it, and I was really relieved to even hear compliments from eddsworld, JohnnyUtah, and even To Much Spare Time Animations. After hearing those encouraging remarks, I decided to try and FINALLY get an animator for this movie.

I searched, searched, searched again, and searched. After months of searching, I finally got my friend, ebolaworld, to animate it for me. Him and I are putting it all together piece by piece and should have it done soon. If you are interested in the script, check it out here. *spoilers spoilers spoilleerrrrrrsss* Comments are appreciated :D :O >:(

Well, thats what Im working on right now. I am also recording a little something for Robot Day, working on Par Box 2, trying to voice act for various users, and tonssss of work stuff here at home. I cant wait till this animation is complete, let me know what you think! YES I AM WORKING ON MCFARGLES. You all will get a little something soon on it ;)

P.S. Haywirehaywire just made this beat a month or so ago. Check it out :D

/* */

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - June 13th, 2010

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAHHHHOOO!!! I Got myself a brand spanking new MACBOOK PRO. Oh baby, I needed a laptop like a retard needs to get the point... DRASTICALLY. I have been meaning to get one forever now. I have had to use this crappy 800 * 600 monitor rental laptop from my school for this entire year, but now that I am out of high school its time to upgrade to the big guns for college. I am going to be doing a lot of production work with this, including creating my own company called "Sumbles Technologies" or some gay ass name like that... well ok I already have it made and I already gave it that gay ass name. I even have this gay ass mission statement and rate sheet. I charge 15$ an hour for doing websites, music and audio production, logo design, and computer maintenance. Its pretty much local but I am getting in some awesome experience in working. Looks like there is no room for fun for me this summer... ehh that was expected.

Anyway, I just returned home from going to Wahington DC. I have about 9GB of HD video so im going to send out some footage soon if anyone cares. I have this shot of some crazy bird lady on a bridge. OW THATS ENTERTAINMENT! When I got back home i received some cash from Tom Fulp on my paypal account, and was surprised. It was apparently my earned winnings from Pico Day. I voiced Picanjo in Hunting To Picanjo. This cash, however, has caused a huge problem between my good friend.. well use-to-be-good-friend, Hulalaoo.

He seems to think that I "stole" this money from him. He thinks im some american taking advantage of a foreigner. I do not understand why he thinks this, since he said himself that he would give me 20% of the profits even though I declined. He brought it down to 15%, which was fine with me since I created SFX for the flash as well as did some voice work for Dad, P-Bot, M-Bot, Tankman (not used), and Picanjo. I thought 10 minutes of recorded sounds and voices is good enough for 10%, but he charitably suggested 15%. I agreed and we went on to finish the movie in time for Pico Day, with the rushed ending but give him some slack he had like.. two weeks to work. I loved it really, that guy does some awesome anime fighting style flash movies, this one being one of his best.

Instead of confronting me up front and discussing the terms of this payment, he instead secretly deleted me from the co-authors list, blocked me from sending him any messages, and directed a friend of his to say, "we take you off Hunting To Picanjo, have fun with dick lol" At first I didn't understand what this comment meant, but after realizing that Hunting To Picanjo was no longer under my recent flash submissions, I quickly sent the commentor a PM asking wtf was going on.

Some discussion later, and lots of "suck my cock" at my direction, I sent proof of his messages promosing me 15% in both video and picture formats. Hulalaoo never sent me any messages. I never have heard back from his friends ever since I gave them the evidence, so I still am left in confusion. I don't know why Hulalaoo would get so pissed at me after we had all that talk about me getting 15%, after he personally entered in the % of money I get from the flash in the flash editing page, and after Tom Fulp received this information given by Hulalaoo and gave m the money in my paypal.

I have known people here on NG forever and all of you know I wouldnt ever steal money from anyone, I have evn tried contacting Hulalaoo asking to give my money BACK to him to avoid any conflict, but I am blocked so there is no way I can contact him. If there is anyone who would like to back me up on this, That would be great. Until then, I hope hulalaoo reads this and understand I mean no harm. I even wanted to work with him on various side projects.


- Finishing final details on Par Box 2
- Creating my 2010 Demo Reel
- Voice Acting for 3 artists
- Trying to get an animator for Jeff The Dino
- Creating my business
- Getting organized for college

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - May 23rd, 2010

Hey! I really would love to participate in Robot Day this year, July 9th, but am having trouble with finding people who are participating in it. If you need any voice acting for your Robot Day game, song, or movie then send me a fancy dancy PM! I will make suure to record it at nice quality and do it quickly as well.

Here are some examples of my previous voice acting works...

Juice and Carpet - Solo made voice acting skit
Hunting To Picanjo - I voiced Picanjo and created the SFX for the robots
TacoMan The Game Master 4 - I voiced Robotnik and Sonic along with his crappy friends
Slappy The Duck - Solo Made SHORT Skit
Let me know if you need anything!

If you arent doing anything for Robot Day, then how about giving me your opinion on my voice? Write a review below if you want :D

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - May 17th, 2010

My name is Nick. This is a page completely dedicated to demo reels, skits, cartoons, games, and other material that I use my voice in. Its purpose is to provide producers with samples of my work s that they may get a better idea of how my voice sounds. If you are on this page and are not a producer, why not listen and watch these videos and voice acting skits anyway? This page will be added onto continously, so keep a look out for more material.

________Microphone Setup and Recording Information________

I use an AT2020 Podcasting Condenser Microphone hooked to a Mac computer. I record using a program called Garageband. I only alter my voice on rare occasions, such as creating SFX.

________Demo Reels________

Here are a few "demo reels" that i have created featuring my voice in original skits. Currently I do not have an actual serious Demo Reel, but I will add one soon.

**Ordered from Most Recently Done Quality, To Past... not so well done quality**

Juice and Carpet
Slappy The Duck
The Kid Jacked The Car
An Afternoon Walk
The Ice-Cream Rap *This is a complete joke*

________Flash Movies________

Here are various flash movies that I have voiced in. Again, ordered from newest to oldest.

Hunting To Picanjo - I voiced Picanjo and created battle SFXs.
TacoMan: The Game Master 4 - I voiced Sonic, Robotnik, Sonic's Friends, and wrote part of the script.
TacoMan: Game Master 3
Snowy: Camp Death - I had sex with Rina-Chan apparently. *tent scene* and voiced "heres your new hat".
Pokemon PeeWee Red - I voiced Mary.
Fizz - I voiced the evil scientist
An A About A - I voiced everyone
Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar - ...the dinos. I hate my life.


Here are a few songs that I have created using Garageband and my mac QWERTY keyboard.

Waves Of Diamond
Ride The Wind

***The songs below are made with some pre-set loops! :(***

Green Mist
Atomic Blue

Well, thats it! I hope you enjoy this and perhaps hire me to be your voice actor. I work for free unless profits are made for the game / movie. In that case I usually require a % that we both can agree upon, simply because I like to be fair and have gas for my car. :P

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - May 2nd, 2010

Im coming out with various things here and there this month, and should be more active in the upcoming months than I have been in the past. I will be voice acting for anything that people ask for, and sending Pms to various artists who need voicing done. I am about to start working with a local radio company called ARCA and am REALLY excited to begin acting in the professional world. If you need any voice acting, just shoot me a PM. ;)

i have been in a bit more of a serious mood recently since school is coming to an end and im about to go out into the real world and somehow manage to stray away from the dim light of my computer screen inside this dark room with Coke cans littered about the place and tissues piling high in my trashcan.. I just finished up two large projects where I created some nice SFX and voiced Picanjo in "Hunting to Picanjo" for Pico Day. It was really fun and I am really proud of the anime like style I managed. Check it out if you want to see some kick ass fighting animations done by the awesome Hulalaoo. *I did not voice Pico*.

Anyway, im coming out with The Par Box 2 soon. I am trying to fix some design bugs and code a full screen option. It should be pretty cool but nothing to spectacular, just a little gadget with nice Jazz in the background. The nior collab is about to come out. Its something I got involved in by the great RedHarvest. Him and I should be working on various things in the future, or he will just slap me in the face after he uses me to do his dirty work for this collab then never speak to me again. I am developing McFargles currently and putting together the intro as well as designing characters with aniforce and ebolaworld. The picture below is of a fat scam artist who claims he is a health inspector and demands a cheeseburger. Man I cant wait till we get the first level from this game done... when it is completed, I will immediately show you guys the first level as a sort of bonus teaser. Im not sure if you will like it or not but hey I might as well shoot for gold.

Also, I absolutley LOVE Moby. One of my favorite albulms of his is Animal Rights. I really want to buy it one of these days. The video below is Moby - Everloving.

/* */
And here is the fat health inspector for McFargles! :)

Need any voice acting done? I'll give it a shot. + Stuff.

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - April 14th, 2010

Alright boys and girls, gather around the light of the monitor as I tell you the story of McFargles: The Quest For The Pinecone Slushy...

I announced a few weeks ago in one of these dandy front page posts that I was working on keyboard and mouse adventure staring a sarcastic and dull teenager who ran into a horrible situation that involved theft, murder, and overall making him look like a faggot. He is sentenced to work at the crappiest fast food restaurant on the face of the planet for the rest of his ridiculous life. Its called McFargles. After a series of equally ridiculous events, he embarks on an epic quest to recover the legendary pinecone slushy from a long lost ancient kingdom in order to give the power of the gods to some homeless man who demanded that the teenager give him something for free since the teenager fed his home, a cardboard box, to an overweight health inspector.... DOESNT THAT SOUND EXCITING?!

Join the lad in the amazing bodacious adventure as he journeys throughout the city collecting the ingediants for thelegendary pinecone slushy. Be warned, however, for there will be some hideous obstacles that you must overcome along the way, such as feeding a health inspector, taking some drugs, and beating an 800 pound man at Dance Dance Revolution. Do you have what it takes to make it through?

So, this game is gonna be about like oh i dont know let me look through my unorganized, pointless notes... 3 hours. How do you play? Well, you use your feet to walk on shit, you use your eyes to look on shit, and you use your mouth to talk to shit. In other words, you click these weird looking icons on the screen to do stuff and you use the keyboard to walk. I have a large portion of the game written, and have taking the liberty to post part of the game for anyone who wants to gaze into its magnificence. (Magnificence my ass)

Here is a little... huge teaser for yah. Let me know what you think!

I am having a team of pros from across the world come together to construct this world of terror and winder. Here are the guys who are working on this fine piece of meat.


Ebolaworld Main Animator
aniforce Main Artist
3d-XeluBG Artist(?)
14HourLunchBreak Acid Trip Level


Yourix FX + Battle Music
pockerockmarioOverworld Music

---Voice Actors---



TheUnknownAggregate Main Programmer
Imaginelife MISC Programming(?)


Wellll, thats about it! I really doubt you took the time to read all that junk but hey, at least you gave me one hundredth of a penny from visiting my userpage. Just a billion more and ill have a thousand bucks! Oh yeah, and I strongly recommend you watch this video... ITS PROOF THAT OBAMA IS THE DEVIL! ITS ALL TRUE!!! OH GOD WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE FFFFFFFF

/* */
P.S. , my friend made this for me. Im such a dork.

McFargles And The Quest For The Pinecone Slushy Adventure Game

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - March 22nd, 2010

So one day my friend and I were sitting inside my car in front of a crappy fast food restaurant called Sonic drinking a crappy slushy and eating some crappy fries with probably the crappiest ketchup i have ever tasted in my entire life. We started talking about ridiculous ideas for a game involving this sort of crap. We started with some of the dumbest ideas on the face of the planet like a game where you are these four faggots who go crashing some castles and saving some princesses. At the end of our conversation we actually had a pretty good idea... what if you worked at one of these fast food joints?

After hours and hours of brainstorming and months later we now have most of this game written. It is a point n click comedy adventure where you are an intelligent, sarcastic teenager who has wasted his life in laziness smoking pot and buying lottery tickets in a run down city. The game starts out in a cutscene where the teenager walks out of a supermarket, scratching a lottery ticket with his mouth hanging wide open. A worker notices the teenager has some toilet paper stuck to the back of his shoe. He exclaims in an over exaggerated yell, "HEY, YOUR STEALING TOILET PAPER! YOU CANT DO THAT. POILCE!!! POLLIIICCEE!! THERES A SHOPLIFTER IN MY STORE!"

Shit happens, the kid is arrested, and a judge decides his fate by having a tiger fight a duck inside of a court room. **if you are wondering what the fuck a duck and a tiger have to do with anything I just mentioned, check out the intro script here** The teenager is sentenced to work the rest of his life inside of the crappiest fast food restaurant on the face of the planet... FOREVER. You are this teenager. The fast food joint is known as "McFargles"

In this point n click comical sarcastic spectacular adventure, you walk around the city trying to find the ingredients to a "pinecone slushy" for some homeless guy who demands it. Since the customer is always right, you have to get this slushy for him. This game is fairly large, containing about 5 main cutscenes, 30 items to combine and use with the environment, 20 backgrounds, 20 characters, and one slushy. If you want to join my team in creating this comical adventure, make a comment on here and contact me via Pm. :)

P.S. Just to be clear, it is NOT 1st person. It is 3rd person where you click where you want your character to go and he does. It is much like that famous game Johhny Rocketfingers.


Ebolaworld Main Animator
aniforce Main Artist
3d-XeluBG Artist(?)
14HourLunchBreak Acid Trip Level


Yourix FX + Battle Music
pockerockmarioOverworld Music

---Voice Actors---



TheUnknownAggregate Main Programmer
Imaginelife MISC Programming(?)

UPDATE: I am getting a lot of offers... this is gonna be kickass. It will be one hell of a project, and I might not contact some of you for a while, but rest assured we will make this happen. i am currently writing out a very detailed script of the entire game and all of its levels.

In other news...

Im still judging the voice acting competetion, school has been so hectic I havent been able to do anything lately! Grrrr who needs an education anyway, fuck that. I am beta testing and voice acting for a hugggeee game coming up called ECHOES... stay tuned for that! i am voice acting for a local radio company and making two demo reels, one for comedy and one for serious acting. I am voice acting for a major Pico Day submission. I am voice acting for some other guyez. I am also gaining XP in dunegeons and dragons YESH. I am getting my voice acting skit, "Juice and Carpet" animated. I am putting together the Noir Collab. Thats preety much it! Happy spriong bruck everyone.

Anyway, listen to this song with headphones. It is one of the coolest trance songs i have ever heard. It was turned into "Pink Elephant, Lax" in one of tiesto's in Search of Sunrise albums. Personally I love this version much better. Progressive trance for the win... damn.

/* */

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - March 4th, 2010

Woh! By the grace of God, somehow my crappy artwork has made it to the TOP 25 in a national art contest! The way this contest works is that 50% of votes are casted by people, such as you and I, while the other 50% are casted by the professional judges on the website. MY artwork was somehow categorized as "People", which is what the art actually represent but I have no idea how the judges figured that out.. because its just a whole bunch of colors and shit lol.

Anyway, if you would like to help me win this contest, then CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR ME! *My picture is the very first one there, the really colorful one and says NICK underneath it* Your votes will be stronglllyyy appreciated guys! Perhaps I will win with your help. I know the art might not look like much, but it is supposed to be an abstract representation of depression and perspective to a person. The black figure is a man holding an umbrella underneath what appears to be a colorful array of rain. Thanks guys!!!


In other news and stuff, I am getting a shit load of voice acting done this weekend, 8 scripts, as well as finishing the final judging details for the 5th voice acting contest here on Ng. I will make sure to announce the results soon. I recorded a piano song as well, you can check it out here if you want. Sorry for the crappy quality.

I would like to give a shout out to two very talented 13 year olds who can draw pretty awesome art... especially for their age. They are already working on making games and have a huge and bright future ahead of them. Their usernames here on Newgrounds are Thundaboom16, LepyTheDinosour, and some other guy I need to get his username from. Go check out their stuff. Admit it, at 13 you couldn't do that right? I sure coudln't... I attempted drawing and it looked like i barfed on a piece of paper. No wait, mr art STILL looks like I barfed on a piece of paper. :\

As an update for Mcfargles, here is everyone that is working on it so far! We need artists and musicians. We have plenty of voice actors.





---Voice Actors---




That's the McFargles Crew so far. I will now end this weekly post with a song. Enjoy it or uhh, nah Im not gonna do anything if you don't. I got to go read a book for school. grr. Listen to this music now, its Haywire again. Isnt this guy incredible?

/* */