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Im no longer depressed

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - November 14th, 2009

Things have been a lot better for me lately. I am no longer depressed, which made me realize I was an absolute retard for making a post declaring i would leave newgrounds wtf was i thinking I know trolls would come after me like zombies in left 4 dead.... anyway, I have decided to continue voice acting, but I simply will not be that active in the forums anymore. I have decided that leaving newgrounds completely was a bit rash, but then again us teens make those rash decisions now dont we? I apologize for the confusion and the "oh woe is me attitude". I had a huge 3 month break, with some lurking I must admit, but that absence from Newgrounds has really made me feel so much better and I am ready to come back with a brand new attitude and approach to the way I handle things. I realized that I have received a lot of haters on this site because I constantly whore myself out by talking about awards Ive won and bla bla bla, which is something I can not do because of the position I am in. Lots of people apparently visit my userpage, I had no idea, so I will pay better attention to the things I say from now on.

Basically, I will be as involved as I can be in projects by voice acting. I've really learned some new skills and might get a brand spanking new mic for christmas *oh goody!*

And I know as soon as I update this post, trolls from all around will be like ohh i thought u said u left fffbfbfbfbf >:( Well, yes I did leave and I did say I was going to slave forever because I was DEPRESSED. Like screw life im gonna go shoot myself depressed. I would sit around the house just feeling emptiness. Well, im a lot better now and have come to terms with reality. Im no different than anyone else, plenty of teens feel that way. My GPA rose to a 3.4, I got a great girlfriend, I learned some new skills in art, and i raised my self-esteem by bunches. So now that i feel better, im coming back because this sort of thing is my passion and im not letting any troll or depression get in the way of that. Winter break is in a day, so im gonna start finishing up some projects and submitting them.

Just to clarify guys, I was not lying to get attention or some messed up stuff like that... i said things i shouldnt have said because of how awful I felt. I even felt worse after i made the posts because i got some hate mail from some of the users here i have respected and looked up to ever since i discovered this site. I did some research on why i was feeling so depressed, and as it turns out I was feeling that way because of the medicine i was taking. I currently take Strettera, which has a side effect of rising certain hormones in your brain in order to keep you focused, its an ADHD medication. Those hormones, when risen, can potentially cause depression for certain teens. Ive lowered my dosage by a bit and feel sooo much better.

So yeah im back, im just going to limit myself... and im not going to be such an attention whore.

Things to look forward to...

- The Par Box 2 - 30% complete
- More voice acting
- The 5th Voice ACting Competetion
- MAYBE a point n click adventure
- Some more art
- An experimental animation

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goodbye man, you will be missed!
Take care.

see you in a couple days ^__^

whoa dude, i care. your on the team.

Travel well my friend! Thanks for the plug. Of course you are always welcome back. Until then, you will be missed.

WHAT?! why are you leaving? Dood...

how much you want to bet hes lying again??? ;)

People will care. I care. AronKong's a douche bag. Bye.

And nothing of value was lost.

See you next week for your front page news post.

you have the self-discipline of a rabid dog in a butcher shop.

Oh for god's sake. Just leave the dude alone. You're honestly gonna pick on a dude over the internet? Lame. If the dude wants to leave Newgrounds to try and pursue a better life than the one he has, then I say let him. Dude wants to live outside the computer world. Frankly I'd do that too, but it helps lower my stress a bit. So ignore all the things they say. Oh wait, he's not gonna be here to see them. Whatever. Just ignore the assholes.

^^ lol what? You don't have to "leave newgrounds" to pursue a better life... That just doesn't make sense. If he wants to not post, that's fine, but don't get angry at internet users for thinking a going away post is silly. It is. You can't "leave" a website. You just don't sign on to as much. If one day he wants to come back he can, but by posting this it's just asking people to be ready to flame him if and when he posts again.

Why are you leaving anyway? What posts were embarassing?