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Im 18! + Want To Help Make A Point N Click Adventure? + YoYo Video

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - January 31st, 2010

*If you read everything below and comment, you get no special thing whatsoever besides a sarcastic and meaningless response to your comment... but hey go ahead and pat yourself on the back*

I would like to bring your attention to a sarcastic point n click comedy adventure I am working on called "McFargles: The Quest for The Pinecone Slushy." It is an adventure game about a teenager who is forced to work at the crappiest fast food restaurant on the face of the planet because he was accused of stealing toilet paper from the local grocery store. The first day he works there, a homeless man demands that he make him a pincecone slushy. Because the policy is that the customer is always right, he has to fulfill his ridiculous order and search the city for ingredients to this slushy. Use your amazing abilities of look, talk, touch, and walk to roam around this sarcastic fun filled adventure and please this man. Currently my friend Alex Hall and I are writing the game and should be finished shortly.

Here is the intro script of the game! *All scripts and level designs will be posted in the thread for people who are curious and sent to the main people working on the game*

Here is the collaboration thread!
*All discussions, data, and other stuff about the game will be posted there. Head on over and make a post about what you can offer! :)

So far we have these lovely people helping us.


FatKidWitaJetPak *Nick S*
FatFaggotWitABowlCut *Alex H*


14hourluncbreak *?* - Minigames And Acid Trip
ebolaworld *Sam T* - Cutscenes

So far we need these lovely people to help us.


??? - Main Artist And MISC Art
??? - Background Arist And MISC Art


??? - Main Programmer
??? - Possible Co Programmer


??? - MISC Characters and Main Characters
??? - MISC Characters abd Main Characters

And best of all, you will get paid when we get a sponsor! Everyone will get a certain % of the profits made based on what you did. Good luck guys! Let me know if your interested and we can get this awesome game on the road.


In other news, I am 18! This means I can start smoking, go to jail, buy porn, and am legally a sex offender if I date anyone under 18! ISNT THAT JUST AWESOME?! My birthday was err.. pretty awful. I crashed my car into another car, falling asleep while driving. Apparently I have a mild form of narcolepsy. Luckily, I was wearing a seatbelt and no one was hurt. The guy's car I hit was only dented a little and insurance covered that, but my car is totalled. Not to worry though, as if anyone cares anyway, I am handling it. Also, I broke my laptop! My screen cracked open hurray! MAN I LOVE BEING 18!!!!!


In otherty other news, I might be working with JAZZA OMFGLOLZ. I sent in a voice acting script and he will get back to me shortly. Anyway, I entered this talent show thing with my YoYo... apparently I won and I have NO IDEA why. People before me had an actual talent. You know, singing, playing a musical instrument, things that require REAL talent. Now why on earth did I win with a plastic circle on orange string?

/* */
Oh and im making something with Thundaboom16... its going to look something like the pic below and give you an orgasm. Its about a duck named Slappy.

/ massive news post

Im 18! + Want To Help Make A Point N Click Adventure? + YoYo Video

Comments (30)

Isn't 18 ALL THE RAGE?

13 is the best birthday ever because it is when the male boner is the hardest in their life time. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES.

yeh turned 18 couple monthes ago...
and man does it feel strange...

happy b-day dude


God it does.... and im off to college soon wtf. Why can;t I just stay home and not accept any responsibilities? I'll just become drug addict and force my parents to let me live with them.




Whats a yo =yo?



Pft, more like 13? LETS GET WASTED.

I;m quite interested in trying to voice act something for the first time. D:

Then shoot me a PM and ill help you out a little :)

Pfft..., you still can't gamble.

I can enter the lottery! :D

I'll help

Voice acting I presume? :)

Sarcastic and meaningless response.

On the contrary, that is a sarcastic and meaningless comment. This, however, is a sarcastic and meaningless response.

I can do acting if there are any kid/teenage parts that need roles. If not, oh well, I still got to see some great yo-yo skills!

Lol everryryyyyoonneee wants to do voice acting ;P

Only one problem about being 18

Yeah I can vote and have sex legally and being an adult and...and...Wow being 18 sucks.

So Welcome to the club.

Where does this club meet? I need some sex. >:(

my 30 year old mind is far sleepier than yours

PFT, yeah right. I was asleep the entire time while yo-yoing, didnt you notice? I dont even remember doing that! D:

My programming is even worse then new pop music!
happy birth day young lad!

Why thank you cool chris.

I'll defiantly help out with some voice acting.

Hell yeah brother.

Sign me up as a voice actor, yo!


Just pm me and we can talk and stuff.

"*This is my attempt to try to not feed trolls by telling everyone I don't care, and hopefully they'll leave me alone. It hurts to be made fun of. *"


"and am legally a sex offender if I date anyone under 18! ISNT THAT JUST AWESOME?!""
Kind of like that 13/14 year old girl you wanted to hook up with?

Who else would I be talking about? ;)

'In other news, I am 18! This means I can start smoking, go to jail, buy porn, and am legally a sex offender if I date anyone under 18! ISNT THAT JUST AWESOME?!'

Pfff, we could already do all that in England
Happy Birthday!!!

I say old chap that burns my whiskers, care for tea?

"Huh? I don't voice act D:"
Are you kidding? It says in your blurb and your sig that you do.

Ive never voice acted in my life! And my blurb says nothing of the sorts!!! LIES!!!!

Do you actually own any Kid Robot shirts?

Nah i dont know about kid robot, i just got the logo xD

no.....just no...

Being tied to the bed with my pink fury handcuffs. I dont think your in any position to argue.. nor do you have a choice. >:)

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