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Im a DJ Now or Something... Oh, and Here is a Recording

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - October 18th, 2011

I decided to do something thats a bit different from my usual ambient stuff... I did some DJING wooooaaaa.

Yeah so, apparently I am a DJ now... I was hired to DJ at a local club recently and have been improving on my DJ SKILLZ YO. If you wanna listen to it and give me some comments on this hour long Drum n Bass, Elektro, Dubstep mix, then hover over the link below and be all like CLICKETY CLICK and stuff.

Download 320KBps 50MB Woo Woo

Comments appreciated guys. Let me know what you think! I was really enjoying messing around and decided to finally record it... Just do yourself a favor n listen with headphones, because my reciting abilities aren't exactly "speaker quality". Yeah that's right, it sounds like shit on speakers lol. Live and learn I guess.

This is a short news post... thats... strange for me. HMM. Maybe I should type like, 500 more paragraphs like I usually do.

Anyway, lemme know what you guys think! It's not split into tracks so err, sorry bout that... If you guys like this I'll post links to future mixes. Here is me on my shitty mixer... but actually, I kind of like it. Its a piece of shit but an awesome extra interface for effects and stuff. If only those discs were tits...

Im a DJ Now or Something... Oh, and Here is a Recording

Comments (5)

soundcloud it

Good idea.

Never really liked your drone stuff, but this is something i can back, great work, and the length is testament to your dedication to the craft, keep up the great work.

Haha, thanks man. I am into all sorts of music. I really can't make any electronica from scratch or anything because currently I am focusing on all that drone stuff you hate haha ;)

I am going to start mixing in some glitch, house, and elektro next with an additional cup of drum n bass and dubstep.

Oh nick.

Whatever happened to that walrus game I wouldn't be able to make for a couple of months due to project backup?

Wait, didn't we finish that lol.

Did you ever use some of my songs?
*wink* wink* lol

What songs do you want me to use? :D

I'd like some information about your "shitty mixer." What's the company and model name? How much did it cost? Is it still in production? Can you link me to a site that might have something similar? Etc..

By the way, your mix is the shiznit.

Its called the "Spin" and is, in comparison to other mixers, a pretty basic mixer. For me, it's fucking awesome because it's just a normal midi controller thats purpose is for mixing. It has all the buttons I need, and my main interface is on my mac anyway. I just control everything from the said "shitty mixer". Its a few hundred bucks, but PERFECT for starting out and I certainly would recommend it for beginners, such as myself. I use Djay as a mixing program with some added VSTs I found online for special effects.