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Congratulations on finishing this. Great work!

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Eyyy! Thanks I’ll bean! Didja catch your cameo? Lolol

This is one of my favorite series on here. Please never stop making them!

Jonimator responds:

Glad you're enjoying them! We've already got a few more scripted up

Lmao. God I love how sarcastic everything is on this site.

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Very Interesting

I always enjoy these semi-open world RPGs with upgradable stuff, loads of secrets, and a wide assortment of challenges and enemies. It is rare to find a Flash Game that is as well programmed as this one. Everything seemed to work so well together, and there was barely any lag. I very much enjoy the system you used. It is clean and to the point.

I loved going everywhere and doing everything. The world was vast and full of possibilities and interactions. My favorite part was getting the boomerang, because that opened up even MORE possibilities. I am still playing the game as I type this, and I can't wait to finish it.

All in all, looks fantastic.




Repetitive! Also, coding flaws. Good Graphics Tho.

Ok, so the reaon that MANIPULATE is most commonly chosen is because it is the first one to be registered in the coding... basically your code says on every second the card will be manipulate, summon, possess, manipulate, summon, possess, e.t.c. Since people most commonly click the card on the first second, they get manipulate... at least I know this for the first chapter because i clicked it immediatly like ten times trying to get a different card and then it hit me to try and wait... and i got a different one.

You shouldnt randomize the feature, and if you do you should tell the game not to choose the same card with a simple IF THEN statement. The graphics were nice. Deaths were very very strange and usually didnt make sense. I loled at the fat chick bomb. I can't find the secret medals, but i did manage to get the turbulence one where you click the plane on the 2nd chapter.

Had a nice style to it, ive seen games like this before and am usually pleased with them. It just was a bit annoying and repetitive.

Also, what the hell is the point of entering coins lol?

OzMafioso responds:

Thanks for the review :) Actually the random card is chosen before you even see the deal card screen. I'm glad you liked the death animation, but if by "they didn't make sense" you mean the way you kill them, consider the cards to be the way Death is forced to kill his victims and it will make more sense to you :)

Also, the coins are there for a retro feel... And maybe you should try entering 666 of them and choose Summon on the 1st chapter for an easter egg :)

Thanks for playing!

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Pop Goes The People Album Review PT 2 *See I Wont Let You Go for PT 1*

Just Let Go

"Just breathe go and just let it go," is exactly what I take away from this sunny track. I felt the track was overpowering towards the end, but I loved it that way. It really brought tears to my eyes. A powerful track with a powerful and easy to understand statement. The ending isâEU¦ just great. Really, it is just great.


I have been waiting to listen to this track for a while. I heard about it in your news post and I must say, I am already impressed 30 seconds in. It is slower and smoother that any other track in this album, focusing on the details of the acoustical harmony mixed with the isolated lyrics with a hint of insanity. Honey is a metaphor with an interesting idea. It is the name we call the one we love, yet it is also, in this case, a sticky, hard to get off substance that sticks to our mind. I feel like I'm traveling through space in this one, overlooking my problems in a sea of honey. I completely know what it feels like to grow so attached to someone, that you feel like your going insane. This is almost a contradiction to the other tracks, a degrade in progress from the attitude the others give, yet It is also accurate to many of our experiences.

Waiting for Weightlessness

Rich and warm tunes collide together in a magical way, making me feel like I'm floating in this tune. It is very true, we all are waiting, pondering, and hoping for weightlessness from our emotions. We don't want to be hold down by an overwhelming feeling anymore. Sometimes we just want to let go and float gracefully towards the sky, leaving everything behind as if it never existed. I can easily let go of the entire world by this point in the album. The lyrics are a little hard to understand here, but I completely understand what you are going for. The style is very inspiring to not only my musical ideas, but to my long term life feelings as well. I will let go of all the weight.

Hello Alien Sun

This is the only song I don't like in the album because of all the dissonance. It is constantly ringing and sounds combine together in a very chaotic way. It really needs a big clean up, a lowering of the volumes, and a massive subtraction of all the noise. I can barely understand anything that is going on here. Then again, you may have done this on purpose. As a song, I don't very much enjoy it, but I like the possible message of frustration and anger you leave behind. You should re-record this track in my opinion, because there are other ways to represent these darker, alien feelings.

Run & Hide

This is definitely in the same tune as "Staring at Concrete" from Treefella. That was my other favorite song from the Treefella album. I love this one as well. Simple, elegant message with a simple, elegant tune. Well mastered, well put together, but not nescesarilly as interesting as the other tracks on the album. Then again, I still enjoy the sheer minimilism composition in this.

All in all, this entire album is a representation of love, life, and getting over your feelings to better improve yourself as a human being. Ironically enough, the narrator in the album never does get over his feelings. In fact, he progresses down the road of insanity and slowly watches his world tear apart around him. This radiates pure feelings of isolation, sadness, and regret, while at the same time bringing pure happiness, peace, and understatement into my heart. I feel the best of both worlds. It is dark, full of floaty guitar riffs and impactful lyrics that take you into another dimension, yet light, with head bobbing acoustical melodies and wonderful electronic progressions. Everyone should give this album a listen. It is extremely well made, original and conceptual to the artists interpretations and raw emotions drawn out in waveform. Kingbastard, you always touch my heart and shake my brain with amazing, different music specific to your own, slight pushes towards your thoughts on the world. Please, never stop making music, and keep doing what you do!

Kingbastard responds:

epic! Thanks man. I don't personally hear the 'ringing' or dissonance in in Hello Alien Sun, but I guess different ears, different opinions haha.

Much appreciated.

A very dark orchestration with some interesting twists and unexpected turns. The main thing that bothered me was the off tune notes. After the pause, nothing really seems to go well together. I see you were trying to create an interesting song with an off key theme, which works sometimes, but in this case I don't think it turned out so well. instead, sadly, the melodies seemed to blend in in a chaotic, mish mashed sort of way. Your timing was great and things were brought in just when they should have been, but the actual composition wasn't very enjoyable.

My advice is to focus more on what strange chords go well together. Dont change pace so quickly. Progress slowly, slowly building up with strange, unexpected sounds that go well together. Then, climax to the speed increase instead of slamming it down. Go about things slower and the off tune idea will work well in my opinion. Your mixing is well done and you mastered everything as well, so props for that. Just work on your melodies.

Alright, so from what I have heard from you I think your voice is extremley ranged and unique. You can make some hilarious style voices, different from most. I have judged over 6 voice acting contests and have heard a lot, and i mean a lot, of voices. Yours is a great one for an exagerated style character, common in your humor and dubs, which I love. Your spider dubs are great and clever, even if they do usually resort to cock jokes, and really we all do that... so you should fit right in with Newgrounds.

I find your range appealing, but chaotic. You seem to randomly assign a strange pitched voice to a character. Thats fine for practice, but its always good to get together a set list of voices for the future. It makes things a lot easier to carry out. For example, whenever someone wants me to voice an evil kind of guy, I've got this evil scientist voice I use. whenever someone wants me to voice a kid, I play as a dumb, socially awkward teenager with a boring and confused, high on pot, attitude. When you practice on these individual voices, you will start to get better at them and master their styles.

In other words, I love your voice and I love your style, but you should focus those styles into a set, organized list. Most voice actors only do a handfulll of voices and use them for the rest of their career. Look at Futurama. Those guys have been doing it... for a long time, and continue to use those voices throughout different series. On Newgrounds, this is very, very easy to do and your voice will be noticed for it.

Grab yourself a pop filter dog. You have the talent. Now you just need the passion. Life can get in the way and cause crazy shit to happen with your mood. Don't let that happen. Just keep focusing on your talents and you will get somewhere for sure. I was depressed for a long time, and still am actually but much better, while doing everything on Newgrounds. Thats actually why I started focusing my talents into expressive music. Even then, I still continued my voice acting and made some cooool stuff. You have made more than I have actually and im impressed with your dedication.

Keep up the good work man.

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You made the best poster art EVER for us!!! We will certainly use you for future events... this is simply fantastic. It really shows a lot of emotions, color, and energy. We want our festival to be very expressive, JUST like this! Thank you again for all of your hard, talented work. <3

Kamikaye responds:

Glad you like it :)

This has got to be one of my favorite hand made pieces on this site. It is simply hilarious and psychedelic. Well made. Simple and to the point. I want this as a shirt! Keep up the style, it is very enjoyable and unique. I love the cat UFO the best in this picture.

ewtrtw responds:

Oh, thank you my friend! Your review makes me smile:3
I"ll try to make my works better and better to enjoy you)

Yes please!!!

Oh, hello there. I guess you want to know who I am. I mainly create ambient music and voice act here on NG. Occasionally youll see me produce some silly animation or game. If you want to chat or something, send me a spanky danky PM. *Sig by Magical-Zorse*

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