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Oh, hello there. I guess you want to know who I am. I mainly create ambient music and voice act here on NG. Occasionally youll see me produce some silly animation or game. If you want to chat or something, send me a spanky danky PM. *Sig by Magical-Zorse*

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Spending A Week With Ebolaworld

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - February 23rd, 2012

This week, I am down in Albequrque to visit my good friend, Sam T. I will be voice acting for an upcoming Tacoman: The Game Master, producing some tracks, recording some playthroughs for Tacoman Plays a Video Game, and working mainly on an animation that him and I are writing. I am really stoked about this! Expect some upcoming animations from him and I. We are making Skittles Vodka and having a blast in general. It's going to be pretty interesting.

Also, for those who are wondering, here are some updates!

- The NG CD is being mastered and should be up for sale in the NG Store sometime in the beginning of April.
- My ambient album is nearly done! I just have a few piano solos to record and then I should be finished.
- I hope to DJ soon with Echozaurora
- I will start touring around Arkansas soon, DJing House, Elektro, Psytrance, and Progressive.
- I am going to record tutorials on how to use various VSTs and AUs including Absynth and Massive.
- Doing a business internship with Apple.

So yeah... Im BUSY BUSY BUSY! This is going to be a productive year I am hoping. Expect lots of animations and audio!

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Spending A Week With Ebolaworld

Comments (10)

You are such a productive person. Teach me your ways, sensei.

Its to make up for last year where i got nothing done lol.

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I dont have to rape him. ;)

Catch his Ebola.
Through rape.

Rape him.

Ever listen to Steve Roach? Amazing stuff. I'll take a look at your album when it's out.

YES. Steve Roach is incredible. I bought some of his original CDs at an old vinyl record store near my college. They had some CDs of his for like $2 each. I listened to them and could immediately compare my style and visions to his. He is an awesome guy.

I am stoked for you too homie. Rock and roll!!

Thanks man!

Holy shit man, good for you. What kind of things are you doing with Apple?

Ah maannn, tons of stuff! I am mainly into retail right now, have been for 7 months, but I hoping to advance myself up into corporate soon!

make sure you practice safe sex

I am a little shocked that Ebolaworld seems to be exactly the same since like, 5 years ago...

Meet the Taco Man himself, huh? Hasn't anyone noticed that all famous Newgrounders drink?

Be sure to bring me back the used condoms...

On dropping those sick skittle balloons down the 75th floor of the empire state building!

Sure thing Dawg. Dont forget to send me those hot porn videos of you with that instructor from microsoft.