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I Just Got Hired to Produce a 12 Episode Series...

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - March 14th, 2012

So, a few weeks ago ebolaworld and I pitched a series idea to a certain well known company... well, this company reviewed our storyboards and apparently wants us to produce a 12 episode series based off of it. We now are going through all of the legal contract stuff, which I still am scared out of my mind about, and are getting all the knotty gritty legal jizz out of the way. So.. this is big news for us. We are not sure if we will be able to put the series on Newgrounds or not, but I am sure we can pull a few strings and get the cartoon out on the net. Expect some wacky and crazy adventures from us soon!

In the meantime, I just recorded some tree frogs and crickets out in a field with my Zoom H4N sound recorder. It sounds awesome and I am defintley using it for my album, which yes I am still working diligently on. It should be out soon, as I say in nearly every news post I make because I keep wanting to change stuff in it. I am still learning a load of things and hopefully everyone will enjoy my emotional progressive works. Expect lots of piano induced soundscapes ;)

ALSO, the NG Album Collaboration is being mastered by MrMilkCarton! *What a swell guy!*. It will be out VERY SOON. *The mastering is done and now I am waiting for a response from Tom Fulp*

Stay tuned for more! :L

Comments (22)

That's really awesome, congrats!

Is it Mondo or Adult Swim?


as long as aint "Drone the musical" im excited to see what its about. :3~

Lmao. <3

Its actually "Dubstep Sex The Musical"

lol @ &quot;drone the musical&quot;

dope! it can be a nerve racking experience

cool man

You must teach me the ways of TF2.

Damn, nice one.

Your sig intrests me sir.


Definitely awesome. Also, try to throw in a NG reference in there if can. :P


Oh, im throwing in some NG refrences for sure. The cartoon is wacky enough to easily be accompanied by a few cock jokes. ;)

Thats amazing man, i've always dreamt about pitching a show. Maybe one day I can follow in your footsteps! :D

Hey man, newgrounds is FULL of oppurtunities! Good luck to yah.

BY the gods !

Impressive, congrats man.

give me a million dollars

Ok but only if you sleep with me tonight and tell me
I matter :,(

Congratz guys! Good luck with that bright future! Hope it all goes well.

intense man, congrats :]

Youll get far with your music man. Im sure we wil have a club scene where we can use one of your tracks! :)

Shit man... If I were you, I'd ask for all the money in advance.

Just incase... like... they have a change of heart over the first episode and it;S QAULITY HAHAHAHAHA

well me and me big nosy nose here read this and if you need voice actors i know a crackpot team and by that i mean me and some special friends whom are special with this

I finally get to use my experience as a voice actor for myself for once haha. I am doing about 5 different voices, and Sam is doing extras and things, but we might need a few guest stars!

Hope you do as well as a gonzo in a haystack. Also, I actually listened to some of your audio. Your style isn't really my thing, but you do have a few I really like.

I am not sure if a gonzo would do very well in a haystack, but If it does then yes I hope I do as well!

Also, yeas my music is a bit emotional for general listening haha, but thanks for your interest. ;)

Congrats to you guys, huge respect to ya!

Did you ever consider doing any Metroid music? It has an ambient sci-fi feel to it, and based on your past work, it seems like you be great at it. Here's an example: <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXS3XZwPaEk&amp;feature=relmfu">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXS3XZwPaEk&amp ;feature=relmfu</a>

lol i WISH I could do metroid music. That's be pretty sweet. Nintendo has a great team of audio engineers and I don't think the odds for me look to great. Thanks a lot for the compliments though!

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