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Oh, hello there. I guess you want to know who I am. I mainly create ambient music and voice act here on NG. Occasionally youll see me produce some silly animation or game. If you want to chat or something, send me a spanky danky PM. *Sig by Magical-Zorse*

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Im Throwing A Psytrance Music Festival!

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - August 3rd, 2013

Greetings world! I have not been active on this site for quite a long time... a lot has happened. I work for Apple, DJ on the side, and am getting a degree in business. I have an incredible girlfriend who is as quirky as I am. Im getting more into writing and am interviewing psytrance music over at Psynews. I have more jetpacks than ever before. Life is good and friends are plentiful!

I am still quite obsessed in the musical world, and for the first time ever I finally have gotten together the recourses to create an overnight festival here in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you are nearby the area, feel free to drop by and kick it with us! Our goal is to bring together an awesome, diverse community for one night of passionate expressionism, art, music, dancing, yoga, and much more. So far, there are about 200+ people coming! Check out the event here.

Oh yeah, and here is our bodacious poster thanks to the incredible James McCarthy! Kamikaye has also created the image for our upcoming event here. We have no details for that particular event just yet, so it is just a beautiful image at the moment. :)

So, what have I missed? Are there still cock jokes and mario parodies everywhere? Does egoraptor still have an ego? Is sexual-lobster still sexually-popular? I am thinking of coming back to the forum community here and revisiting old memories.

Im Throwing A Psytrance Music Festival!



Don't just think about it. Do it, damnit!

I don't know, I feel pretty much forgotten on here lol ;)

Dude, you're in Arkansas? Ever make it around to Memphis?

Yeah man, Im down in Memphis every now and then. My good buddy Chris does monoprinting artwork over there. You should come on down for the festival!

Hell yeah dude. You coming for the comic convention in November? I'll be directing one of the main events.

Where is the convention at?

Glad to see everything's peachy.

Meeee tooooo

<a href="http://memphiscfc.com/">http://memphiscfc.com/</a>
I'm directing Jess Harnell and the stage show we'll be doing.

OH, I totally saw your news post the other day. Thats pretty awesome man!! I wish I could make it out there but I have to work.. will you be able to make it out here for the weekend on the 23rd?

I remember Pancakes!!! Beta was one of the first games I ever played on Newgrounds - feels like yesterday, too.

Mannn that brings back memories hahaha

you da man :]

Your thoughts on GarageBand X?

: &gt;

Beam me up Scotty, there's no signs of life here.....



The memories ah yes Memba When

yo mind if I come paint there? lolol

Damn, I didn't realize you were still on Newgrounds. I loved having you out as a painter! I can't believe I've now done 45 festivals since this post was made. Life is surreal.