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Oh, hello there. I guess you want to know who I am. I mainly create ambient music and voice act here on NG. Occasionally youll see me produce some silly animation or game. If you want to chat or something, send me a spanky danky PM. *Sig by Magical-Zorse*

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FatKidWitAJetPak's News

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - February 15th, 2010

Need any voice acting done for your next flash project or game? Well, I would be happy to help. Currently I have over a full year of experience and can do over 20 different voices. I use a High Quality AT2020 Podcasting Microphone and make sure there is not any white noise in the recording. If you would liked to hear a small sample of my voice, check out my newest voice acting skit Juice and Carpet. Apparently, it got top of the week in the audio portal! Thanks a bunch guys, im making another skit soon.

So if you need any voices done, feel free to shoot me a PM or something. :)

/self advertisment.

In other newz...

Thundaboom16 got front page with his newest animation, Slappy. He is only 13... I couldnt draw a stick figure at 13. Just imagine what he will be capable of in the future! Go check out the flash here.

I doscovered an audio artist that goes by the name of haywirehaywire. His music is the most chillaxing thing I have ever heard. (Its the music you hear now) He mixes Jazz and Hip-Hop to create some kick ass beats and songs. Check out his latest song, possibly one of the coolest I have ever heard, A Soothing Touch. It got top of the week in the audio portal! DAMN RIGHT. Him and I might be combining my ambient music and his hip-hop/jazz skills to create one awesome song... or we will fail miserably but hey it should be fun. :P

Mcfargles is coming along nicely. Currently I am writing up all of the details in level design, art, character design, and all that other stuff you have to write in a game to give to all the artists, programmers, and musicians. We have tons of voice actors for this game! We have a few offers for programming, and I think I found an awesome one woh s up to the task. We have one animator and one pixel artist. We need more artists though! If you want to draw art for the game, just PM me or something.

Recently I discovered an anime called Gantz. (NSFW) I immediatly fell in love with the series. I am digging the graphics and the awesome plot. I love the voice acting, some of it is quite incredible. There is a lot of violence which is neat haha, and the anime did one hell of a job in character development. I can already tell the basic character of each one, and they are all very sadistic but some are just cimple and nice, some are dperessed, some are good in heart but not on the outisde, some are heros, its preety cool! Check out the first episode here. Isnt that an AWESOME intro?

Finally, I am still working on The Par Box 2 for those of you who care. I got into a bit of a tangle when my laptop screen broke. Luckily all my files were saved so I just need to wait to get my laptop back... god I hate the tech department.

/* */
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HW- A Soothing touch^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - January 31st, 2010

*If you read everything below and comment, you get no special thing whatsoever besides a sarcastic and meaningless response to your comment... but hey go ahead and pat yourself on the back*

I would like to bring your attention to a sarcastic point n click comedy adventure I am working on called "McFargles: The Quest for The Pinecone Slushy." It is an adventure game about a teenager who is forced to work at the crappiest fast food restaurant on the face of the planet because he was accused of stealing toilet paper from the local grocery store. The first day he works there, a homeless man demands that he make him a pincecone slushy. Because the policy is that the customer is always right, he has to fulfill his ridiculous order and search the city for ingredients to this slushy. Use your amazing abilities of look, talk, touch, and walk to roam around this sarcastic fun filled adventure and please this man. Currently my friend Alex Hall and I are writing the game and should be finished shortly.

Here is the intro script of the game! *All scripts and level designs will be posted in the thread for people who are curious and sent to the main people working on the game*

Here is the collaboration thread!
*All discussions, data, and other stuff about the game will be posted there. Head on over and make a post about what you can offer! :)

So far we have these lovely people helping us.


FatKidWitaJetPak *Nick S*
FatFaggotWitABowlCut *Alex H*


14hourluncbreak *?* - Minigames And Acid Trip
ebolaworld *Sam T* - Cutscenes

So far we need these lovely people to help us.


??? - Main Artist And MISC Art
??? - Background Arist And MISC Art


??? - Main Programmer
??? - Possible Co Programmer


??? - MISC Characters and Main Characters
??? - MISC Characters abd Main Characters

And best of all, you will get paid when we get a sponsor! Everyone will get a certain % of the profits made based on what you did. Good luck guys! Let me know if your interested and we can get this awesome game on the road.


In other news, I am 18! This means I can start smoking, go to jail, buy porn, and am legally a sex offender if I date anyone under 18! ISNT THAT JUST AWESOME?! My birthday was err.. pretty awful. I crashed my car into another car, falling asleep while driving. Apparently I have a mild form of narcolepsy. Luckily, I was wearing a seatbelt and no one was hurt. The guy's car I hit was only dented a little and insurance covered that, but my car is totalled. Not to worry though, as if anyone cares anyway, I am handling it. Also, I broke my laptop! My screen cracked open hurray! MAN I LOVE BEING 18!!!!!


In otherty other news, I might be working with JAZZA OMFGLOLZ. I sent in a voice acting script and he will get back to me shortly. Anyway, I entered this talent show thing with my YoYo... apparently I won and I have NO IDEA why. People before me had an actual talent. You know, singing, playing a musical instrument, things that require REAL talent. Now why on earth did I win with a plastic circle on orange string?

/* */
Oh and im making something with Thundaboom16... its going to look something like the pic below and give you an orgasm. Its about a duck named Slappy.

/ massive news post

Im 18! + Want To Help Make A Point N Click Adventure? + YoYo Video

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - January 17th, 2010

WOW, this month has been more chaotic than a dead cow falling onto a 10 foot long fire ant pile. I have been voice acting for a handful of users and am working on directing a couple of animations. *which is really fucking fun to do* I am going to coming out with various projects throughout the next couple of months so keep a look out. I was really happy that my song (::Ride The Wind::) got top of the week. I put a lot of emotion into the song and got some great compliments from various imaginative users. Thanks guys, it means a lot when I see a review like that. If you want to, go ahead and give it a listen... then again who the fuck cares about me? *I'm expecting trolls to quote that last line, don't disappoint me*

14hourlunchbreak and ebolaworld are helping me make a small portion of an upcoming game I am creating. Its a sarcastic point n click adventure... oh joy. If your interested in helping me with art on this shitty game, send me a pm and I will get back to you! Yes, you will be payed with fresh home made pudding and biscuits based on how much the game makes. In other game related newz, I am still developing a solo project called "The Par Box 2". If I am up to the task of coding a platformer, which i think i am since its going to be the basic jump and shoot, then I will be able to add a nice symbolic element to the game where you are inside the mind of a guy in an insane asylum. Your task will be to collect different items inside this strange black abyss. The more items you collect, the more stuff happens. I wont reveal anything else about the game but uhh here is a demo. *press the right arrow key to go to the next effect. As you can see, currently it is just a mouse effect game. Soon I will attempt to add the platformer aspect. I suck at coding though fff. >:\

ALSO ALSO, if you need any voice acting, just shoot my pm box with something and ill scream into a microphone for you. If you are a voice actor, check out the contest going on with store credit prizes.

Now then, onto something that people will actually give a horse about. Recently, I recieved some music from the famous Pink Floyd. I instently fell in god orgasmic love. Their albums are like an acid trip to some rainbow elctric vortex where balls of rainbow goodness float around your head and cause you to instantly have an orgasm. Seriously though, this music really inspires me. Here is a video of one of my favorite songs. Its called Marooned, a song from their last album The Division Bell. Play that shit in HQ.

/* */
The reason i made that small is because its the highest quality version I could find, but it has a lot of graphics to load so I just made it faster to load. Anyway, here is another fantastic song by Pink Floyd. They have a music vdeo for this one. Comfortably Numb. Check out that awesome animation.

/* */

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - January 2nd, 2010

Wondering why I am back on NG? Click Here.

Can you twist your voice into different and exciting voices? Are you interested in becoming a voice actor? Do you have a microphone? If you said yes to any of those questions, then you should try out in the Newgrounds Voice Acting Competition! There are store credit prizes from Tom Fulp as well as front page opportunities for the top four entries. We are also in need of judges so if you are interested in judging the hilarious entries then send me a PM.

The main feature in this contest is:


- Is about someone or something that has some sort of extreme addiction.
- Ends with the phrase "And that's why Im a millionaire"

Good luck all entries! Go to the contest thread and read the rules if you would like to enter.


In other news, there is a lot of stuff I am planning on doing. I am voice acting for a lot of stuff, directing an animation, directing a full length flash game, creating a flash game, and finally I am trying to make a song that was as successful as Waves of Diamond. I still dont understand how I created that song, it was just luck I guess. :/

I have been very active online recently and plan to be very active throughout the rest of the year. However, in order to maintain grades and such, I will not be on for more than a few hours a day on weekdays. *yeah im a nerd*

I also have been getting involved in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS! That game is just the greatest thing EVER. :D If anyone is interested in joining my next meeting I can bring my laptop and you can participate in my D&D group in a video call conference. It should be interesting to see how that would work out.

...also... as if I wasnt nerdy enough, I got a new yo yo for christmas. Here is a video of me doing some tricks.

/* */

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - December 17th, 2009

I am no longer depressed, things have been a lot better for me lately. I feel like a total IDIOT for making that post saying I was leaving... WTF was I thinking? Why should I let some silly depression stop me from doing what I love most? I have a serious passion for creating and there is no way in hell I will ever let anything get in the way of that passion. And now ive basically screwed my self over because It will be very difficult for me to come back here, due to the trolling and such... but you know what, screw the trolls. I am not gonna let that get me down either.

I do apologize for creating such a scene, attracting attention to myself for reasons im still not sure about. I made some rash decisions and now know it is a dumb idea to talk about your personal life online. There is no point in telling people you dont know, about your depression or how you just got some girlfriend.

I really thank those who sent me pms and comments though, they really made me feel a lot better. I am just a teen suffering what most teens go through, i just had a different perspective on it and thought to much about it which got me depressed and gave me the annoying "oh woe is me" attitude. But all that is over with and I really dont want to talk about it anymore, its finished and done and I feel retarded.

Anyway, I have thought long and hard and have decided to come back, but simply limit myself so i can maintain the good grades I have gotten while I have been gone from Newgrounds. It will be hard to get to the point that I was at again, but I do know what to say and not say in certain situations online. For example, I frequently boasted about awards I received... because I was excited so why not right? Well, I realized no one but me was excited and it would just make others angry. Whatever none of that matters, Im just going to come back here with a new approach and try to be as involved with the community as I can, collabing, voice acting, and designing.

It feels great to be back here, I truly missed it with all of its incredible creators and kids with these gigantic imaginations. Oh and I havent seen a cock for nearly 2 months now, but im sure i will see plenty now that im back on newgrounds.

So yeah, im back. Troll away trolls, welcome back friends, and comment away regulars.

And yet again, sorry for all of the confusion and stuff.

___Current Projects___

- Making The Par Box 2 *with a twist*
- Voice acting for angrycog, thundaboom16, tieseit, deepfriedemu, nicholas-deary, and jfig111.
- Working in the ASDF collab
- Directing a number of animators and a coder to create a hopefully hilarious game. I have no idea when its going to be completed.

Posted by FatKidWitAJetPak - November 14th, 2009

Things have been a lot better for me lately. I am no longer depressed, which made me realize I was an absolute retard for making a post declaring i would leave newgrounds wtf was i thinking I know trolls would come after me like zombies in left 4 dead.... anyway, I have decided to continue voice acting, but I simply will not be that active in the forums anymore. I have decided that leaving newgrounds completely was a bit rash, but then again us teens make those rash decisions now dont we? I apologize for the confusion and the "oh woe is me attitude". I had a huge 3 month break, with some lurking I must admit, but that absence from Newgrounds has really made me feel so much better and I am ready to come back with a brand new attitude and approach to the way I handle things. I realized that I have received a lot of haters on this site because I constantly whore myself out by talking about awards Ive won and bla bla bla, which is something I can not do because of the position I am in. Lots of people apparently visit my userpage, I had no idea, so I will pay better attention to the things I say from now on.

Basically, I will be as involved as I can be in projects by voice acting. I've really learned some new skills and might get a brand spanking new mic for christmas *oh goody!*

And I know as soon as I update this post, trolls from all around will be like ohh i thought u said u left fffbfbfbfbf >:( Well, yes I did leave and I did say I was going to slave forever because I was DEPRESSED. Like screw life im gonna go shoot myself depressed. I would sit around the house just feeling emptiness. Well, im a lot better now and have come to terms with reality. Im no different than anyone else, plenty of teens feel that way. My GPA rose to a 3.4, I got a great girlfriend, I learned some new skills in art, and i raised my self-esteem by bunches. So now that i feel better, im coming back because this sort of thing is my passion and im not letting any troll or depression get in the way of that. Winter break is in a day, so im gonna start finishing up some projects and submitting them.

Just to clarify guys, I was not lying to get attention or some messed up stuff like that... i said things i shouldnt have said because of how awful I felt. I even felt worse after i made the posts because i got some hate mail from some of the users here i have respected and looked up to ever since i discovered this site. I did some research on why i was feeling so depressed, and as it turns out I was feeling that way because of the medicine i was taking. I currently take Strettera, which has a side effect of rising certain hormones in your brain in order to keep you focused, its an ADHD medication. Those hormones, when risen, can potentially cause depression for certain teens. Ive lowered my dosage by a bit and feel sooo much better.

So yeah im back, im just going to limit myself... and im not going to be such an attention whore.

Things to look forward to...

- The Par Box 2 - 30% complete
- More voice acting
- The 5th Voice ACting Competetion
- MAYBE a point n click adventure
- Some more art
- An experimental animation