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Very Interesting

I always enjoy these semi-open world RPGs with upgradable stuff, loads of secrets, and a wide assortment of challenges and enemies. It is rare to find a Flash Game that is as well programmed as this one. Everything seemed to work so well together, and there was barely any lag. I very much enjoy the system you used. It is clean and to the point.

I loved going everywhere and doing everything. The world was vast and full of possibilities and interactions. My favorite part was getting the boomerang, because that opened up even MORE possibilities. I am still playing the game as I type this, and I can't wait to finish it.

All in all, looks fantastic.




Repetitive! Also, coding flaws. Good Graphics Tho.

Ok, so the reaon that MANIPULATE is most commonly chosen is because it is the first one to be registered in the coding... basically your code says on every second the card will be manipulate, summon, possess, manipulate, summon, possess, e.t.c. Since people most commonly click the card on the first second, they get manipulate... at least I know this for the first chapter because i clicked it immediatly like ten times trying to get a different card and then it hit me to try and wait... and i got a different one.

You shouldnt randomize the feature, and if you do you should tell the game not to choose the same card with a simple IF THEN statement. The graphics were nice. Deaths were very very strange and usually didnt make sense. I loled at the fat chick bomb. I can't find the secret medals, but i did manage to get the turbulence one where you click the plane on the 2nd chapter.

Had a nice style to it, ive seen games like this before and am usually pleased with them. It just was a bit annoying and repetitive.

Also, what the hell is the point of entering coins lol?

OzMafioso responds:

Thanks for the review :) Actually the random card is chosen before you even see the deal card screen. I'm glad you liked the death animation, but if by "they didn't make sense" you mean the way you kill them, consider the cards to be the way Death is forced to kill his victims and it will make more sense to you :)

Also, the coins are there for a retro feel... And maybe you should try entering 666 of them and choose Summon on the 1st chapter for an easter egg :)

Thanks for playing!


Dude, you made this game from an ole timy arcade machine game... something about a guy going in and shooting thousands of enimies in this very format while being video taped on a game show. You go and collect gifts, toasters, and all sorts of stuff. You also went through rooms and could find some uber secret shit.



The chaos that protrudes from my screen as I smash my car through zombies, avoid people running around screaming in terror, and slide through carpet bombs is an eyegasm of pure adrenaline and an example of the finest audio mixing and programming I have ever seen on Newgrounds. From the very start, I was amazed at the 3D actionscript engine created, and enjoyed the frame by frame PNG imaging that SickDeathFiend used for optimal graphic quality. I have always enjoyed his work ever since I discovered him in 2007. He deserves this recognition.

I was amazed at the cluster of sound clips you had in here. There were so many sounds going on at once! Explosions, screaming, bombing, helicopter flying, smashing, crashing, grinding, shooting, zombie moaning, and the constant radio gargle of the military. I enjoyed all of the voice acting on here, and thought to myself of how wonderful this team is. The music is just HARDCORE. It makes me want to go as fast as possible, getting zombie combos along the way. My favorite voice would have to be the all star general that takes over near the end of the game.

As for plot, it isn't anything special or original, but it is simply entertaining and being generically entertaining isn't anything bad. I thought it was enjoyable, and was glad that you didn't include any cheesy lines. I liked it when a soldier said, "We will be there in... 5 minutes..." as soon as my atomic bomb counter started for 2 minutes.

I very much enjoyed the difficulty of this game. It is rare to find something that is so difficult, but so possible at the same time. There is SO much chaos that I wonder to myself, how in the hell did I just beat that? Pro tip: BUY ALL THE UPGRADES. :)

Grand job guys. Faved, 10/10!

Rating Changed from T to M

Just to let you know, I changed the rating of this from T to M due to the harsh violent nature of many scenes. Trees growing from inside a little girls stomach and exploding outwards as blood rushes down onto the floor can be thought of as... disturbing. Anyway, I enjoyed the nightmarish fairtytale that you created. Every scenario was very original and I enjoyed getting all of the deaths as well as solving all of the puzzles.

Keep it up, I am thoroughly enjoying this series!

Guys its suppose to mess up

I get it lol. It took me a while to figure it out, but the crystals basically bring stabillity to the world. The more you collect the WEIRDER things get. I think thats a brilliant coding effect. Great job haha.

A Few Things

Programmer notes:

I enjoyed the simplicity of it all. Here are some things you can add / improve upon.


1.) The hittest object should be the ENTIRE HEAD and not just one spot on it. I could never figure out what exact spot I was suppose to hit.

2.) The gun should actually fire a bullet that is a movieclip. This movie clip can move fast, but just fast enough to where it can go through a hittest code that basically says if bullet hits head then go to death frame.

3.) To make a health bar just say health ._x = -10 and then make a code saying when it reaches 0 for the game over screen to come in. I noticed yo cant actually die.


1.) I enjoyed the random aspect you put in there. Sometimes the enemies hit you... sometimes they done.

2.) The ranking system at the end. I dont know how you coded that!

3.) The way he will move off the screen when everything is dead. I liked the whole automation of it all.

Artist Notes:

As usual spike, your style never ceases to amaze me. Although there are a couple of things you can approve upon


1.) When the character is turning, make sure to make a frame where he is facing the camera, so it looks a bit cleaner when he turns around.

2.) Put more detail into still drawings like this. In your usual style, you do a lot of rough fbf movements, but in games the characters are usually fairly static so you can go all out on them and add lots of details, scratches, all sorts of stuff. Experiment a bit like you did in Snow Snow For Lucy... ah the memories.


1.) I enjoyed the clean animations mixed with tablet pen drawings. I loved how you made one of your main characters a boss haha.

2.) The environment in the game made me shiver... at the end i was seriously creeped out. I even got into the ending clip. I think it would have been best if you made him physically and emotionally challenged enough to be like, "im a monster... please dont hurt me... go away from here, take what you need, leave me to fester. I am tortured enough" It was real resident evil like.

3.) The angles! I really enjoyed the various angles you plugged into there.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I played this as soon as it came out... hell yeah. Impressive as usual. Art is incredible with rarely any flaws, if any I just am assuming your not perfect because no one is perfect right? RIGHT?? The programming was great. The mini games were really cute. I am assuming you got at least 10,000 from this because if you didint fuck kongregate! :D

I think it deserves more credit!

It is a VERY challenging game.. but so well designed that it is still possible. I enjoyed every level and felt the urge to complete it. The only complain I have are that the last two medal are pretty much impossible lol... It is possible, but I died 750 times because some of the levels require such precesion, timing, and accuracy that they require simple trial and error, not pure godly skills.

Fantastic job on designing the levels! I thought that they were very original. I wish the ending could have been a bit cooler and longer. You could have made it very dramatic, where the boss looks at the frog and says, "Come...come with me my friend..." and takes him to this meeting with all the video game characters. Then he would say what he said in the end and the frog would be like WHAT THE F--. ;)

Oh, hello there. I guess you want to know who I am. I mainly create ambient music and voice act here on NG. Occasionally youll see me produce some silly animation or game. If you want to chat or something, send me a spanky danky PM. *Sig by Magical-Zorse*

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